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Just had to write and say what a great product you have!!

I used them for the first time the other day (posi-locks) and was simply amazed at how well they work...JUST FANTASTIC. I have gathered up all my crimp style, wire nuts, and other related 'junk' and tossed it them in the garbage! I will never be without POSI-CONNECTORS again!

As far as my decision to try the connectors... Honestly, I was skeptical when I first saw them. I was thinking -no way these will secure a good connection and I thought the price was a tad high.

But I went ahead and purchased them, mainly out of curiosity.

We'll when I got home and tried them, I realized I was wrong on both accounts. Not only do they make an incredibly good connection, fast and easy, but the price I paid had just turned into a bargin!



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